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The Groupement FLE brings together schools teaching French in France which offer a wide range of quality services to students, business people or people just interested in learning French in France during a language stay.
Our schools propose a wide range of French courses : general French, specific purposes courses, courses for teachers of French, preparation for DELF/DALF exams, online courses junior vacation courses…

The Groupement FLE also aims to promote its member schools, as well as sharing experience and knowledge to improve quality standards.
This ‘quality reference’ is based on criteria, firm commitments and audits, outlined in a reference document, to which all Groupement FLE member schools adhere.

France map - French language schools
  1. Université Catholique UCO-CIDEF
École CIDEF - Etudiants aux ordinateurs
École CIDEF - Château d'Angers
École CIDEF - Ville d'Angers
École CIDEF - Etudiants en groupe
École CIDEF - Place à Angers
École CIDEF - Groupe d'étudiants devant l'école
École CIDEF - Etudiants aux ordinateursÉcole CIDEF - Château d'AngersÉcole CIDEF - Ville d'AngersÉcole CIDEF - Etudiants en groupeÉcole CIDEF - Place à AngersÉcole CIDEF - Groupe d'étudiants devant l'école
Types de cours proposés / Type of course available
Types de cours proposés / Type of course available:

General French - Teachers training - Exam preparation - French for Specific and Professional - Online courses

Hébergements proposés / Accommodation
Hébergements / Accommodation:
  • Famille d'accueil / Host family
  • Logement indépendant / Independent housing
3 Place André Leroy, 49000 Angers
Région / Location:
  • Ouest & Sud-Ouest