Quality and code of conduct

The Reference Document

For a school to be eligible for admittance to the GFLE, it has to be able to show that it responds to the standards of quality detailed in our Reference Document, which covers the following areas:

1. A structured organisation
2. Adapted Premises
3. An attentive reception of students
4. A corresponding professional framework
5. Qualified Staff
6. Efficient pedagogy
7. A healthy study environment
8. A loyal sales policy
9. An honest and sincere communications strategy

Code of Conduct

In addition to conforming to criteria established in the Reference Document, the member schools agree to respect a wider professional code of conduct.

1. The member schools will provide the means to implement all of the requirements listed in the Reference Document.
2. Member schools agree to participate in the animation of the group by taking part in the annual GFLE meetings and by actively participating in the life of the group, particularly in operations focusing on mutual support, exchange of information and know-how.
3. Schools agree to reject any practices considered to be disloyal to other member schools and, in the event of a conflict, will solicit the opinion of the executive committee before taking action.
4. Member schools will emphasize the logo of the group in their communication: brochures, websites, advertising.