Groupement FLE and the agents

  • Workshops:
    Groupement FLE regularly meets tour operators specialising in study and language travel from all over the world at workshops as ALPHE London and ICEF Berlin. Pre-scheduled meetings allow us to prepare the exchanges in order to best meet their expectations.
    Groupement FLE is a quality reference for agents who wish to develop French language programmes or expand their range of destinations and schools in France. It is an entry point to 42 schools to work with in complete safety.
  • Newsletters:
    Every trimester, a newsletter is sent to the agents we have met over the last few years and registered in our database (350 contacts). This is an opportunity to present our new centres, our new offers as specific programmes and to give regular information about the activities and life of the centres.
  • Groupement FLE is a member of Gaela:
    Gaela (Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations) has representatives of education associations or language schools from the main study travel destinations around the world, including Groupement FLE since 2008. An annual meeting as well as regular email exchanges allow to discuss issues of common interest concerning the language travel market and to foster a global dialogue, in particular with Felca (the equivalent association for agents).
    Each of these school associations represents members who compete with each other, but who prefer to work together on certain subjects (quality, market developments, regulatory aspects, etc.) as they consider this to be a more constructive approach than total competition.This alliance is beginning to play a leading role in the industry. Groupement FLE participates in meetings and videoconferences on a regular and invested basis.

Why work with a Groupement FLE school?

  • Verified quality: All our members meet the high standards set by the Groupement FLE and/or are accredited by the French government’s Qualité Fle certification process.
    As part of our ongoing quality requirements for members, all our schools and their staff, both teaching and administrative, benefit from training days organised by Groupement Fle
  • The choice : – Choice of destinations with 42 members in 29 cities in France
    – Choice of school type from small family run schools to university centres
    – Choice of centre that will suit your clientele: juniors, adults or seniors, students, business clients or teachers
    – Choice of courses: general or more specialized French courses, study programmes or continuing education courses for teachers or combined courses with culture and sport for young and old…
    – Choice for exam and test preparation – DILF, DELF, DALF or tests such as the TCF
    – Choice of a suitable course duration: short, medium and long term stays
    – Choice in level: our members offer courses adapted to the Common European Framework (
    – Choice of dates: courses are offered in our member schools all year round.
    Groupement FLE is the guarantee of a quick response from the school that suits you. Groupement FLE member schools are committed to quality. We pool our resources and share our knowledge in order to ensure a high level of quality for our members. Groupement FLE schools have been tested and have earned the trust of agencies all over the world.

Why become a “Groupement FLE” partner agent?


Groupement FLE offers agents the opportunity to highlight the quality of their partnership with member schools and help them further expand their network of Groupement FLE schools. 

Advantages for the partner agent :

  • stand out in a competitive market.
  • receive the right to use the Groupement FLE partner agency logo on their websites, marketing and other materials
  • receive an official certificate from Groupement FLE as a partner agency
  • have privileged access to information about figures and developments in the French language market and Groupement FLE schools, with advice if necessary from our permanent coordinator Edith Dupuis.

How to become a “Groupement FLE” partner agent?


To be accepted as a partner agency of Groupement FLE, all you have to do is to fill in the contact form listing three Groupement FLE schools with whom you have worked during the previous 12 months. The status of a Groupement FLE partner agency will be valid for 2 years. 

Interested? Join us!


To be contacted

If you would like to be contacted by our group or by a particular school, write us a message via the agents contact form. Tell us more about your company in the request form by listing 3 schools members of Groupement FLE with which you have worked.


See the schools

Find the list of our member schools on our website.