Groupement fle
published at 29/03/2018

About Macron and French language learning

"We are very encouraged by the President’s positive attitude and his determination to encourage the growth and use of French around the world" said Christophe Tissot President of Groupement fle. We are very excited to see the President’s plans for promoting the French language and are hopeful that the results of his consultation ‘My idea to develop the French language’ will give us new market opportunities. "We are confident that with the support of President Macron that  interest in the French language will increase and we are sure that the significant growth in the number of students in our schools this year is in part thanks to his encouraging stand on the importance of learning French"

Spokesperson Eleri Maitland reiterated Christophe Tissot's  enthusiasm at President Macron's championing of French language and culture.

"French is now recognised not only as the third most spoken language in the world according to research done by the business school INSEAD in 2016. " said Maitland. More interestingly in a recent article in the Economist,  French was hailed as "The only other World language apart from English" spoken around the globe. To top it all, France is clearly identified as being one of the most attractive study destinations. "

As Eleri put it: "The message is clear:  For a bright future, come to France and learn French ......."