Groupement fle
published at 29/01/2014

FLE Pedagogy

The organisation of training giving teachers of French as a Foreign Language access to in-service training, new ideas, techniques and method courses is an important part of Groupement FLE's mission.

• In service training : Every year in November, Groupement FLE organises a two day event specifically aimed at teachers of French as a Foreign Language. The themes chosen for the workshops and forums are all teaching-based topics that translate into practical classroom techniques and ideas for teachers. For example: in 2011, « The question of innovation » held in Vichy ; in 2012, « Games and fun activites for teaching FLE » held at the Alliance Française,Paris ; in 2013 « Talking of which... comprehension and speaking activities» held at the CUEF Perpignan. Groupement FLE has a list of external and internal trainers that centres wishing to organise personalised courses can contact directly. In 2014 thanks to a new initiative in partnership with Diffusion Maison des Langues" the list of courses and trainers available to centres will be hugely increased.

• Sharing of Best Practice: if you have ideas or expertise that you would like to share with colleagues via our "Pedagogic pages" contact Groupment fle giving full details and references for our Best Practice /Tips for Teachers directory.