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published at 29/10/2016

Agent Accreditation Scheme

Groupement FLE is proud to announce that it has created an Agent Accreditation Scheme !

This accreditation scheme is intended for all agents who have worked with at least 3 member schools of Groupement FLE during the previous two years. Membership is free and effective for two years for the initial period, and subsequently for three years. An application has to be made and studied by the executive committee of the association before confirmation.

Groupement FLE accreditation will allow your agency to be presented on the Groupement FLE website and on its different means of communication, to have an official certificate to be displayed in your office and to have easy access to French institutions and the 29 member schools of Groupement FLE. The Groupement FLE coordinator will also consider you as a VIP contact and you will be the first informed when any important information is announced.

For its part, the agency agrees to promote the destination France and learning the French language in Groupement FLE schools. An annual survey about students coming to France will be carried out and should be sent to Groupement FLE. The logo and website link of Groupement FLE should be displayed on the agency website and different means of communication. The agent agrees to contact Groupement FLE on an annual basis and to answer requests for information promptly.

If this accreditation scheme arouses your curiosity, as Groupement FLE hopes, please don’t hesitate to contact us !
Edith Dupuis, the coordinator of the association, will be delighted to answer your questions at or directly via the contact form.

To see the member schools of Groupement FLE, click here.



1 - Be sure that you have worked with at least 3 member schools of Groupement FLE within the last 2 years
2 - Download and fill in the "Partner Agent" form below
3 - Send it to